Kubernetes Cluster (K8s) Install with Namespace Scope Privileges#

If you would like to install the Arthur platform with namespace scoped privileges, there are certain components that will fail since they will need cluster level access. These cluster-level components are CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) which are required for proper functioning and operation of the Arthur platform. However, these CRDs only need to be installed once with cluster admin privileges, and elevated access is not required for normal usage of the platform.


Both the Admin Console and Arthur application can be installed at the cluster-level or namespace-scope independent of each other.

CRDs leverage by Arthur Platform#

The Arthur platform makes use of the following two CRDs:

  1. Argo Workflows : Kubernetes-native Open-source workflow manager

  2. ClickHouse Operator : Column-oriented OLAP datastore

Installing Admin Console within a Namespace#

By default, the Admin Console is installed at the Cluster level, available in all namespaces. If you would like to install the Admin Console only within a specific namespace, you can use the following flag to the kots command:

kubectl kots install arthur \

Since the Admin Console will not have access to the Cluster, certain Preflight checks will fail. It is the responsibility of the Cluster Admin to ensure sufficient resources are provisioned with the correct version of K8s.

Installing Cluster-level CRDs for Arthur, from Nexus#

Since the Arthur platform requires CRDs for normal operation, these will need to be installed by the Cluster Admin prior to installing Arthur itself, in no particular order. The instructions below show how you can download the CRD charts from our publicly hosted repository.

  • Argo Workflows:

helm repo add arthurai-released https://repository.arthur.ai/repository/charts --username <nexus-username> --password <nexus-password>
helm install argo-workflows-crd arthurai-released/argo-workflows-crd --version 0.19.1-arthur-1
  • ClickHouse Operator:

helm repo add arthurai-released https://repository.arthur.ai/repository/charts --username <nexus-username> --password <nexus-password>
helm install clickhouse-operator-crd arthurai-released/clickhouse-operator-crd --version 0.19.2-arthur-1


Please reach out to our Sales Team if you do not have credentials to our Nexus repository.

Installing Cluster-level CRDs for Arthur, from Airgap Bundle#

If you are in an airgapped environment with no access to the public internet, the CRD charts are also available in the Airgap bundle provided to you. The instructions below show how you can extract the charts from the Airgap bundle.

tar -xvf arthur-<version>.airgap
cd arthur-<version>
tar -xvf app.tar.gz
cd app
  • Argo Workflows:

helm install argo-workflows-crd argo-workflows-crd-0.14.0-arthur-2.tgz
  • ClickHouse Operator:

helm install clickhouse-operator-crd arthurai-released/clickhouse-operator-crd-0.18.4-arthur-2.tgz

You can verify the CRDs have been installed successfully, by executing the following command:

kubectl get crd | grep -iE 'argo|clickhouse'

Now that we have the pre-reqs installed with elevated access, we can now switch over to namespace-scoped access to complete the installation either using the Admin Console or using the CLI.