Airgap Virtual Machine (VM) Install with CLI#

If you prefer to install programmatically using CLI only, follow the steps below.

Upload the license file and the arthur-x.x.x.airgap bundle on your VM instance.


scp -i mykey.pem ~/Downloads/Test\ Customer.yaml ubuntu@hostname:license.yaml
scp -i mykey.pem ~/Downloads/arthur-x.x.x.airgap ubuntu@hostname:arthur-x.x.x.airgap

Create a config.yaml file on the VM instance using the configuration template.

Run this install command from your VM’s SSH session:

    kubectl kots install arthur \
      --airgap-bundle ./arthur-x.x.x.airgap \
      --license-file ./license.yaml \
      --config-values ./config.yaml \
      --namespace arthur \
      --shared-password [The Kotsadm password you saved earlier]