Post Installation Steps#

By default, a new organization, “My Organization” is created by the installer for convenience. You can also create new organizations using the API with the superadmin user. Full instructions for creating new users and organizations can be found here.

To access the UI for the default organization dashboard, visit https://your_arthur_domain from your Web browser. Login with admin username and SuperSecret password. Make sure to change the password as soon as possible.

To get started with onboarding your models, refer to the Quickstart guide.

Admin Console#

The Admin Console can be made available via the ingress controller on port 443 by creating a subdomain DNS record that starts with admin. (e.g. For VM install, this eliminates the port 8800 egress requirement on the firewall.

We recommend that you rotate your Admin Console password often. You can reset the password using this command:

kubectl kots reset-password -n <namespace>

Update Admin password for Embedded Postgres#

The ‘postgres’ admin user is used to manage the embedded Postgres database. If you would like to update the password for this admin user, you can execute the following commands on the primary database pod:

kubectl exec -it database-master-0 -- psql -U postgres
Password for user postgres: <type_current_secret>
psql (11.13)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# ALTER ROLE postgres WITH PASSWORD '<insert_new_secret>';
postgres=# \q